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Bible readings:

Bible Readings buttonJoin us reading the Bible every day:
This format has great flexibility, depending on how much time you have each day.  You can read at one of 3 levels.
For Level 1 just read the Psalm and a Gospel; for Level 2 add in the New Testament reading; and level 3 add the Old Testament. This will take you through the Gospels 4 times a year, the New Testament and Psalms twice a year, and the Old Testament once every 3 years.

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Prayer is spiritual conversation & is the power house of the church. There are many ways to join us praying, including the Prayer Relay. Take a one hour slot and let's soak the day in prayer. You can also post anything God says for the church on the Prayer Forum.  join the next prayer relay.

Click here for a suggested prayer guide.

Every Sunday ,( apart from the last Sunday in the month),  when we meet at Magdalen College School – 9.45am to 10.15am. Come early and join us praying before the service.
Monthly prayer events – relays, breakfasts, emails… contact the office
We also encourage you to fast every Friday

Sunday Gathering:

Sunday buttonSun - Sunday Gathering, 10:30 at Magdalen College Schooll, apart from the last Sunday which is our Community Sunday. 

Newcomers' Lunches

Keep an eye on our Weekly Email for news of the next Newcomers' Lunch. 

Healing on the Streets:

HOTS Oct 09 008 - web
1st Sat each month.
12:30pm, Saturday, St Aldates Parish Centre.
Then 1.00-3pm on Cornmarket.
If you've not been trained, you are welcome to join us as we pray for healing.
Healing On The Streets

Connection Groups:

Connection Groups happen in various venues during the week (often homes) and are the main place of friendship, pastoral care, spiritual growth, etc. They run on a termly basis & we would love you to be part of one. Some are based round food, others study, & others activity - such as feeding the homeless, wine tasting... All groups offer ministry each week - we need more of God in our lives - and are a place for spiritual growth.
Click here for more information.