Prayer & Fasting


Prayer is the engine room of the church, so please join us praying for revival in the Oxford area. You can pray on your own and/or with others:

  • Monthly – Monthly prayer relays and other one-off events. Usually on the first Friday of each month.
  • Weekly - Join us in the Prayer Room from 9:45 to 10:15 every Sunday.
  • Daily – E-mails to give information on our work in Central Asia; and a weekly e-mail to pray daily for the church & our leaders.

Prayer Relay

Usually the first Friday of each month.
Have difficulty praying for an hour? Having trouble thinking of what to pray for? Whether you're a structured pray-er or random, hopefully this page will help you. The information is on our Facebook page -

Take some time on Friday to receive, listen & pray - any time during the day. I suggest a 1 hour slot so that you have time to tune in to God.
We are asking God for revival in the Oxford area, for hearts to be softened and many come to faith in him. We also want to pray for God's blessing on various aspects of life in the area.

Finally, please use the OVC Facebook page to encourage us with any verses, prophecy or pictures you receive.

Prayer Power Pack

Fasting Directions

We also encourage you to fast weekly and invite you to join us every Friday.
Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline which releases God's power into situations we are praying about. Please read these instructions before fasting, and make sure you get medical advice before a long fast or if you are ill or pregnant.

The Practice of Fasting - download the pdf here.